As soon as the money supply was checked house prices had to fall
and there had to be a recession. If property prices collapse
so will the UK banking sector.


14. Migration

Mass migration to the western nations is to be expected. Logically people in poor countries should move to the source of industry. Unfortunately for them China has more than enough poor of its own to fill any vacancies that it has. The Chinese want to move large numbers of their rural poor off the land and into offices and factories. The Chinese will not allow large scale migration from the Third World into their country. As long as there is a benefit to be derived from moving to a more advanced country the only option for people in the poorer parts of the world is to relocate to a Western Nation so there will always be pressure on the Western Nations to accept migrants from the Third World.

The Governments of the West will not resist this development as they need large numbers of workers who are prepared to work for low wages and to live in poor conditions as this keeps the cost of living down for their own electorate. Migration is an important tool that is used by the British Government to control domestic wage inflation. It positively encourages the migration of people who are prepared to work for much lower rates than the indigenous population. The fact that many of these migrant workers send money to their country of origin and as a result are taking capital out of the British economy is ignored. This is a trend that is welcomed by the British Government. This is clear because the firm statements made by Ministers about the need to control immigration are never backed up with action. However there is resentment building amongst people who were raised in Britain when they find themselves offered low wage jobs or tradesmen who find that they are being undercut by migrant workers.

Supporting the migration of educated people from abroad (skilled migrants) is an important part of the Government's strategy to keep society functioning. It is much quicker and more cost effective to welcome people who have already been trained elsewhere in the world in a low tax economy than it is to train British people in a high tax country. The Health Service is a good example of this policy at work. Training places for British medical students are very limited but thousands of doctors have come from countries such as India. Similarly nurses have come from all across the Third World. There are insufficient training facilities to train young British people and the wages are too low to attract them in sufficient numbers. Even if recruiting was stepped up the cost of training all the doctors and nurses required for the Health Service in the UK would be prohibitive.

The result of this is that migration to the UK will continue at an ever increasing rate. All British Governments will state publicly that they find the trend worrying and reassure the electorate that they will take positive action to control it but in reality they will do nothing.

Published: August 2008