As soon as the money supply was checked house prices had to fall
and there had to be a recession. If property prices collapse
so will the UK banking sector.


What can we do for you?

  • We explain to businesses what is really going on in the financial markets and what will be the long term fallout from the current difficulties. We train executives to adopt a holistic approach to their corporate activities to help them concentrate their efforts to achieve optimum effect.
  • We teach individuals to develop their own insight into how matters will evolve so that they can plan for their future and that of their families. We can help you to produce strategies that will help you to prepare for the future.
  • We offer training courses for those who work or invest in the stock market so that they can understand why the markets are behaving in the way that they are. We can teach you to understand what will happen in the financial markets and the banking sector in the future and what impact this will have on pensions, the price of goods, and investment returns just by taking the spin out of the 'official' data.
  • We train executives to understand how to read political messages and to understand Government pronouncements by understanding the forces behind the policies. We help businesses and individuals to understand why Government policies are always changing and seldom deliver. With the understanding that we impart it will be easy for you to see the fatal flaws in almost all Government policies - UK or foreign. This prevents you needlessly expending energy trying to fathom policies that have to fail. We can teach you why so many serious yet apparently solvable issues are never resolved in a satisfactory manner by governments.
  • We train executives and individuals to see through the spin that is present in virtually all information that is available today. For example we can train you to see why few important issues, like large parts of the renewable energy debate, can ever be implemented on a commercial scale - or will ever make commercial sense. We can teach you how to determine the important features that have to be inherent in any new commercial proposition for it to be a commercial success.

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