As soon as the money supply was checked house prices had to fall
and there had to be a recession. If property prices collapse
so will the UK banking sector.



The British media is full with stories about the prospects for the British economy, rising prices, inflation, the value of property, and the shortfall in the pension industry. These are not a collection of problems that have just come along at the same time. They are all very closely interrelated - it is just that they are reported in isolation. We can teach you to adopt a holistic approach to this information. As you learn to connect the underlying facts together and to eliminate the distortions in the 'official' data you will learn to quickly work out what is really going on.

Our understanding about what is happening in the UK economy came initially from a detailed study of the UK housing market and the need to explain why it is that young people today are unable to get onto the housing ladder. As soon as we started our analysis it became apparent that conventional wisdom came nowhere near explaining the root cause of that particular problem. It then became clear that there were fundamental structural problems in the UK economy that underlay the housing crisis. We then carried out a detailed analysis of a range of other topics like the pensions crisis. We were coaching groups of people on what was about to happen in all areas of commercial endeavour three years ago. Having established a basic set of principles we were able to predict the spate of 'difficulties' which have beset the British economy in the last year. We anticipated the current series of events correctly and can teach you how to predict future trends.

For further information on the future of the UK economy please read the following analysis. Look up any point that is of particular interest and see if it answers the questions that you have with simple common sense explanations. If you are in business or an individual we can help you plan for the future. If you would like to let us hear your views or would like a formal presentation then please contact us on reply@howitends.co.uk

Published: August 2008